Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Please let it end; "North Carolina governor alleges voter fraud in bid to hang on"

"McCrory signed a 2013 voter-ID law which a federal court rolled back this year for illegally suppressing African-American votes...

Strike one

...McCrory still hasn’t conceded, alleging voter fraud in 50 of North Carolina’s 100 counties and contesting individual votes before dozens of local election boards, claiming that dead people, felons and people who voted in other states cast ballots in the race. On Sunday, the McCrory campaign emailed supporters, saying the “election is still in overtime,” and soliciting contributions for its legal fund.

...the incredibly tight gubernatorial election has drawn national attention thanks to McCrory’s outsized role in tightening North Carolina voting laws and signing the state’s “bathroom bill” earlier this year. With the governor on the wrong end of a very tight race, his supporters are crying foul.

...at least eight county election boards, which are Republican-controlled, have rejected the majority of McCrory’s complaints.

Strike two

...the state Board of Elections dismissed McCrory’s request to take over all the voter complaints and rule on them

...McCrory’s campaign would need to present evidence that could knock out votes from an entire county. Currently, estimates put the number of ballots McCrory is contesting between 150 and 500 votes.

Strike three

The Durham County Board of Elections rejected McCrory’s best hope at recounting a chunk of votes (94,000), dismissing McCrory’s complaint “for lack of evidence,”

...Cooper’s margin over McCrory is expected to remain below 10,000 votes, which means McCrory can call for a recount."

Please spare North Carolina even more pain 
already caused by one of the most divisive and openly hateful governors 
in our state's history