Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Start Here

As I have been trying to make people understand for years, the keys are neither in Raleigh nor Washington. We waste our time trying to effect State and Federal politics-- the leaders are too far isolated from us, too hard to reach, too protected.

If we want positive change we must rise above partisan politics, concentrate on the city in which we live and make that city a beacon all the world will aspire to become. Rome was built one city at a time. Rome died despite all the promises of the politicians on the left and the right. It was having forgotten the building that ultimately caused the fall.

America can learn from the fall of Rome and rebuild one city at a time or die like Rome did. I say we start with Greensboro.

Cities must compete with one another. Only in that way will they grow better. For too long Greensboro has dumbed down the economic and social growth of the entire region and state by promoting so called, "cooperation" among communities.