Friday, December 2, 2016

Andrew Brod on 'winning' Federal money via his crony friends at the City of Greensboro

"It was more than a year ago when the City of Greensboro announced the winners of its Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Challenge, a federally funded contest to come up with the best economic-development ideas for Greensboro. ...One of the finalists was Cityfi, the proposal submitted by me...

...I don't have a stake in whether Greensboro adopts Cityfi or some other program for internet access.

I've already received my cash prize, and I get to keep it even if the City of Greensboro completely blows off the Cityfi concept (which is apparently what it's been doing for more than a year anyway).

...I was merely a contestant.

With some buddies at the City who were judges

As for whether SC2 really was a pointless give-away, well, that comes down to what -- if anything -- the City does now.

Greensboro was given a $1 million federal grant to use for prizes...

Somehow if the federal government gives it away
it's ok for Andrew to get as much as possible,
even though it's charged to all our kids as debt

...I guess the whole thing will turn out to have been pointless.

Other than the cash Andrew put in his pocket
some of which came from everyone else's pockets

But if Greensboro ultimately creates great things from the winning SC2 concepts, then the City will look very good for having participated in the SC2, even to fiscal conservatives who aren't Tea Party ideologues.

Finally, if "I got mine" is directed at me (and I can't tell for sure that it is), then it's a gross misrepresentation of what I said.


My point (as I'll bet everyone else understood) was simply to note that my advocacy that the City of Greensboro implement Cityfi isn't because of pecuniary self-interest on my part."