Friday, December 2, 2016

Awesome Sauce in the Job Market from a "fake" news outlet and some News and Record propaganda
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Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 95.1 Million: Jump By 446,000 In One Month

Is it fake news or real news the purveyors of fake news don't want you to understand?

Allen Johnson and Doug Clark of the News and Record 
must be on the real news side;

 "...fake stories have seeped in the mainstream, especially during the presidential campaign. One reported that the pope had endorsed Donald Trump and another that Hillary Clinton was using a body double.

How about not reporting how Warren Buffett's Clayton homes
rips off poor people, which the News and Record didn't report?

...Hillary Clinton is a “demon from hell.”

You can’t make this stuff up. (Well, apparently, you can.)

Some say the fake news issue is itself a form of fake news — overblown and hypocritical. They point to instances over the years when professional journalists contrived stories (Stephen Glass of the New Republic and Jayson Blair of The New York Times come to mind).

How about Greensboro's non-riot, 
which the News and Record reported as true, which didn't really happen, 
as the City of Greensboro invited the mostly black youths downtown 
to watch a movie starring mostly white people? 

They have a point; traditional media at times do fall short.

How about helping George Bush lie us into the Iraq war?

But such cases are exceptions, not the rule.

How about not reporting who gave to North Carolina politicians
who supported and passed HB2 afterward?

By contrast, the sole mission of the fake news industry is to make things up, for political gain or profit.

The News and Record makes up news or doesn't report it
for the benefit of Greensboro's elite and Warren Buffett

...What does seem clear is that there is a problem.

Which the News and Record is part of, 
as they will most likely not inform their readers of the 'real' unemployment stats
underlying the bullshit the federal government propagates

Increasingly, more Americans can’t seem to agree on facts, much less opinions. Even if such stories are not fully accepted as real, they can create confusion — and enmity toward legitimate fact-checkers.

The News and Record knows Say Yes Guilford has less than $11 million, 
and won't report the news of the un-sustainability of the program
to parents of younger kids who will most likely never benefit 

University of Connecticut philosophy professor Michael P. Lynch calls it “the manure that makes the seeds of doubt and credulity grow.”

Which is one reason why the News and Record keeps losing subscribers

As for ideology, this isn’t about left and right.

It’s about right and wrong. 

Agreed, and putting opinion pieces on the front page of a newspaper
without a big declaration that it's an opinion piece is wrong

Fake news is frightfully easy to create and we’re frightfully easy to mislead.

The News and Record finds it "frightfully easy to mislead" it's readers
on more occasions than I can count off hand

A Stanford University study involving middle school, high school and college students in 12 states found that those students struggled to distinguish real news items from counterfeit ones.

That’s reason to worry.

If worse comes to worse, and real news and fantasy continue to blur, we could be in serious trouble. And that’s a fact.