Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dear Lewis Pitts and Spoma Jovanovic on the Yourse Greensboro Police Incident

"These serious questions stand with others involving the ongoing and costly problems in the Greensboro Police Department, including the $6.42 million settlement recently paid by city taxpayers on behalf of the city and our police..."

Lewis Pitts and Spoma Jovanovic
"Here’s the trick.

Take your opponent’s argument to a ridiculous extreme,
and then attack the extremists.

That leaves the opponent to sputter defensively.

In strawmanese, you never specify who ‘those who’ are.

They are the hollow scarecrows you set up to knock down.”

William Safire
"Are policies designed to halt police racist violence and perjury working?

...why was Cole allowed to resign with his pension intact despite repeated wrongdoing?

...We must expect that our public officials will always, 100 percent of the time, tell the truth."

Lewis Pitts and Spoma Jovanovic

Yourse was charged with breaking and entering into his mother’s house,
2 Mistywood Court, twice in the past.
"Cole tried to question Yourse about any outstanding warrants which Yourse responded, “not that I know of.”

Mr. Yourse also stated he is not afraid to go back to prison

After Yourse was in custody,
Cole and Jackson discovered two active warrants for his arrest.

Greensboro Police Officers Association
Lying by omission

One lies by omission by omitting an important fact,
deliberately leaving another person with a misconception.

Lying by omission includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions.

…Propaganda is an example of lying by omission.

"What motivated the council members to stay silent as they listened to the city attorney make an important declaration that was patently false?"

Lewis Pitts and Spoma Jovanovic

Greensboro's City Attorney doesn't work for taxpayers or voters or the public.

The City Attorney represents City Council members who can fire him.

To City Council, Caruthers was acting as their attorney, describing the events in City Council's best interests, as that is his job.

Meanwhile you picked a not so good person to defend, and you are doing it without disclosing Yourse was charged with breaking and entering into the same house twice, had warrents out for his arrest, and made a phone call for help, which put the officers in a position of potential harm.

Police work is not pretty.  If you are going to try to cause an uprising, tell the whole truth yourselves.