Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Donald Vaughan Attempts Censorship?

A few days ago the following story appeared on Fox 8:

Here's the link to the story: http://myfox8.com/2016/12/18/prominent-greensboro-attorney-cited-with-contributing-to-delinquency-of-minors/

A search of the Fox8 website fails to turn up the story: http://myfox8.com/?s=Donald+Vaughan

I even searched for prominent greensboro attorney cited with contributing to delinquency of minors
thinking they might have moved the story but no, the story has been removed.

A Google search confirms such a story existed. https://www.google.com/#q=prominent+greensboro+attorney+cited+with+contributing+to+delinquency+of+minors

It was a story about how retired North Carolina State Senator, Don Vaughan, husband of Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan, was charged by the Greensboro Police Department on multiple counts of aiding to the delinquency of minors for serving alcohol to minors at his daughter's Sweet 16 party.

Here's an ongoing discussion at the facebook group Greater Greensboro Politics where simultaneously we have been having a discussion about censorship at the Greensboro News & Record.

Why are articles and comments about Greensboro's political elites disappearing from the Internet? Has Fascism fused its grip so solidly on Greensboro that even Greensboro's media is subject to the iron fist? Is this how corruption is hidden from public view? How many other things remain hidden that we never even glimpse?

And why are men like Donald Vaughan allowed such privilege?

Update: I sent the following e-mail to the Fox8 News desk: And I added a screen grab showing the removed page that shows the URL should they try to post it back on line.

Update 2: So a couple of things to think about.

So far I've received no reply from my e-mail to Fox8 asking them to explain. Maybe they need more time to make up a story that sounds good. Maybe they just haven't read my e-mail yet. But considering I e-mailed their News Desk using the e-mail address they use for tips don't expect them to get to your news tips very quickly.

They put the story back online without explanation but as this screengrab clearly shows they did take the story off line before: Note the URL in the screengrab is the same as the Fox8 article:

Could it be possible that because I exposed all this that Fox8 put the story back online and the other media outlets never pulled their stories?

Update 3: Wednesday, 10:52 AM  Roch Smith jr talks to the folks at Fox8 in his story WGHP in the tank? Update: Er, not so much

No one from Fox8 has replied to either of my 2 e-mails.