Thursday, December 15, 2016

From the Water Cooler; "Our Famously Free Press"

...“U.S. paid P.R. firm $540 million to make fake al-Qaida videos in Iraq propaganda program” [Salon]. Of course, that would never happen today, and certainly not domestically.

I believe that they should take those doctored files with a grain of salt
because of the way in which they were stolen and the way they were put on the internet.

I will not open up files — what I like to refer to 
files that have been postmarked from Russian sources. 

I don’t believe that we as Americans should allow this type of espionage to occur

Donna Brazile

"Can somebody please wake me when a government official goes on the record about Russki “hacking”, which is seems is really phishing? Thank you. So far, the person in the best position to evaluate the evidence is Obama, who has notably refused to become hysterical, and as of this writing has done nothing to respond to Clintonite frothing and stamping that [something mumble CIA something something mumble Putin mumble Trump blather fume authoritative] be shown to the electors before the Electoral College votes on December 19, even though Nancy Pelosi’s daughter demanded that he do so. Personally, I think that shows Obama is a Russian stooge. [UPDATE 2:44PM Looks like Langley rolled Obama. Hoo boy.]

The North Vietnamese regime had conducted further deliberate attacks
against U.S. naval vessels operating in international waters.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

The latest (I’ve helpfully added annotation) “Some anonymous U.S. intelligence officials now believe with ‘a high level of confidence’ not sufficient for a Presidential finding, or supported by any agency that Russian President Vladimir Putin became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, anonymous senior U.S. intelligence officials hopefully not lying weasels like Clapper and Hayden told NBC News” [NBC] “Two senior officials with direct access to the information say new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.”

It happens not to be the area where weapons of mass destruction were dispersed.

We know where they are.

They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south
and north somewhat.

Donald Rumsfeld

BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!! Since it’s been 12 years since 2004, they figure we’ve forgotten, and they’re running the “British intelligence has learned” scam again! It’s the oldest play in the book; you get one of your “allies” (that is, a client state) to say for you what you can’t prove yourself; the intelligence equivalent of planting a sexed-up story on Fleet Street, so you can say “It’s out there,” and run the same story on this side of the pond.

The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein
recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.

George Walker Bush, Jan. 28, 2003

This is simple. If the information is good, somebody from Langley with a name needs to put themselves on the line over it. Otherwise, Langley is saying that their sources and methods are more important than putting a Russian Agent in the Oval Office. And the name for having your cake and eating it too is, in this case, treason. Right?"

Rarely have 30 minutes of television 
so perfectly encapsulated the decline and fall of the rule of law 
and the extraordinary privileges enjoyed by America’s liberal elite. 

After listing abuse after abuse — and detailing lie after lie 
— Comey declared that ‘no reasonable prosecutor’ would prosecute Hillary 
for her obvious and manifest crimes. It’s good to be a Clinton.

National Review’s David French

...“Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke at an event with Politico’s Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman Thursday morning. there, she was asked about reports that Russian hackers could have impacted the results of the 2016 election. Lynch said that there was no evidence that Russian hackers breached the integrity of the U.S. election system. ‘Fortunately we didn’t see the sort of technical interference that I know people had concerns about, also, in terms of voting machines and the like,’ Lynch said.” [RealClearPolitics]. Too bad Stein’s recount effort bought into that nonsense.

An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office 
and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud

Donald Trump

...It was on Tillerson’s watch, for instance, that ExxonMobil acknowledged the link between climate change and human activity, and came out in favor of the sweeping agreement reached in Paris at the end of last year aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions internationally” [WaPo].

...Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index, week of December 11, 2016: “Consumer confidence continues to be the hottest category on the economic calendar” [Econoday].

In essence, in order to give Mrs. Clinton a pass, the FBI rewrote the statute,
inserting an intent element that Congress did not require. 

The added intent element, moreover, makes no sense: 
The point of having a statute that criminalizes gross negligence 
is to underscore that government officials have a special obligation 
to safeguard national defense secrets; 

when they fail to carry out that obligation due to gross negligence, 
they are guilty of serious wrongdoing. 

The lack of intent to harm our country is irrelevant. 
People never intend the bad things that happen due to gross negligence.

Andrew McCarthy
Former assistant U.S. attorney

...Today’s Fear & Greed Index: 87 Extreme Greed (previous close: 88, Extreme Greed) [CNN]. One week ago: 84 (Extreme Greed). (0 is Extreme Fear; 100 is Extreme Greed). Last updated Dec 15 at 10:13am. Failing to break the important psychological barrier of 90.

...“Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration” [Aeon]. “On 5 June 1934, about a year and half after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of the Reich, the leading lawyers of Nazi Germany gathered at a meeting to plan what would become the Nuremberg Laws, the centrepiece anti-Jewish legislation of the Nazi race regime. The meeting was an important one, and a stenographer was present to take down a verbatim transcript, to be preserved by the ever-diligent Nazi bureaucracy as a record of a crucial moment in the creation of the new race regime. … That transcript reveals a startling fact: the meeting involved lengthy discussions of the law of the United States of America. At its very opening, the Minister of Justice presented a memorandum on US race law and, as the meeting progressed, the participants turned to the US example repeatedly. They debated whether they should bring Jim Crow segregation to the Third Reich. They engaged in detailed discussion of the statutes from the 30 US states that criminalised racially mixed marriages. They reviewed how the various US states determined who counted as a ‘Negro’ or a ‘Mongol’, and weighed whether they should adopt US techniques in their own approach to determining who counted as a Jew. Throughout the meeting the most ardent supporters of the US model were the most radical Nazis in the room.”