Thursday, December 15, 2016

North Carolina's legislature losing more jobs for its citizens with self inflicted wounds

"North Carolina Republicans try to strip powers from incoming Democratic governor

North Carolina's Republican-dominated legislature is moving to strip powers from the state's incoming governor, Democrat Roy Cooper...

What was good for McCrory isn't for Cooper, 
so if you own a business looking to move to North Carolina,
there is no telling what stupid shit could happen next
so other choices look more stable

Lawmakers on Thursday began debating a bill to require Senate confirmation for cabinet appointments, reduce by 1,200 the number of state employees the governor can hire and fire at will, and eliminate the governor's power to pick University of North Carolina trustees.

...McCrory's office did not respond to a request for comment on whether he would sign the legislation.

Does it matter?

How is the damage not already done, again?

..."This bill is a good step forward in reasserting legislative authority vested by the constitution and entrusted to the members of this body," Representative David Lewis, a Republican and a sponsor of the bill, said during a debate on Thursday.

Super, at the expense of how many jobs 
which will now not come here in such a toxic political environment?

...The Senate debated a separate measure that would weaken the governor's control over the state elections board, changing it from a five-member panel appointed by the governor to an eight-member panel with only half the members appointed by him.

Nothing better than another national news cycle 
bashing North Carolina

...Protesters who chanted "You work for us" and other slogans were cleared out of the Senate chamber after legislative leaders said they were disrupting debate on the bill.

So McCrory signs it and goes to work for Trump?

Great way to make Trump look bad 
for hiring a ex gov who stuck a knife into his opponent on the way out
while the future prez is putting his reality tv show cast together

...The state became a target of boycotts by companies, musicians and sports leagues after it passed a law this year restricting bathroom access for transgender people in government buildings and public schools."