Saturday, December 24, 2016

Retailers are attempting to get blood from a stone

"Our entire economic paradigm is built upon desperate measures

While retailers have added billions of square feet since 1989, real median net worth is lower.

Retailers are attempting to get blood from a stone.

The stone is in debt, approaching retirement with no savings and dead broke.

Nearly 1 billion square foot of retail space
will be “rationalized” in the coming years 
through store closures and conversions to other uses.

The 2008 collapse was caused by the easy money bubble machine at the Federal Reserve. We had the opportunity to hit the reset button, implement rational economic and monetary policies, take our lumps, and make the banking culprits pay for their crimes. Instead, the easily manipulated masses believed the Wall Street storyline and allowed the Federal Reserve and feckless politicians to save the banking cabal with extreme money printing and debt creation. This has pushed the middle class closer to the breaking point, while further enriching the oligarchs. The Federal Reserve saved their owners and lured the masses further into debt.

About half of all retail sales to be online by 2030, 
a huge increase from current figure of about 10 percent.

The Fed, Wall Street, and Washington DC have successfully driven consumer debt to an all-time high...

Our entire economic paradigm is built upon desperate measures. Zero interest rates, trillions of QE, systematic accounting fraud, fudged economic data, and doling out subprime loans to auto renters and University of Phoenix wannabes have failed to revive our moribund economy. Delusions don’t die easily. But they do die. We are reaching the limit of this delusionary dream built upon debt, denial, and deception."