Sunday, December 11, 2016

What The News & Fishwrap Never Told You About Tiny Houses Greensboro: Part 6

Previously: What The News & Fishwrap Never Told You About Tiny Houses Greensboro.

The series is linked so that it leads back to here so catch up if you haven't been following along.

Now for the sake of argument, let's assume that Tiny Houses Greensboro decided to change their program so that the tiny houses they build for the homeless would become the actual property of the people who moved into them, and their tiny house neighborhoods were set to grow and prosper while a new tiny house factory located in east Greensboro churns out lots of new homes employing lots of people. The homeless would own homes and people would have jobs. That would be great!

Would we still want Scott Jones in charge?

But what if I told you that Scott A Jones, Rural Vice Chair of the Guilford County Democratic Party and fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership, has a record of abusing animals?

Rhonda Wright of Trotwood Farms in Brown's Summit, in northern Guilford County sends me this letter describing how Scott Jones abused 2 horses, Silver and Sunny. If you click on it and read it you will agree it is simply tragic.

Scott A Jones and his wife, Robin Jones boarded 2 already starving horses at Trotwood Farms in February of 2015 and never bothered to tend to them again, never paid the bills, never paid for medical care and never paid for feed.

Is it true? Here's an e-mail that was sent to Ms Wright from Guilford County Animal Control after she reported the abuse to them.

Here's a link to the attachment that came with the e-mail.

Then there's this e-mail:

From the e-mail:

"The owners refused the certified letters,"

Pretty much sums it up right there. Scott and Robin Jones did what they did intentionally and hoped that by refusing the certified letters they could get away with it.

Would we still want Scott Jones in charge?

I'm also being told that the reason Scott Jones keeps changing the name of his business is because he doesn't pay his bills. Could that also be true? Do I need to do a Part 7 or are you ready to take my word for it?

Look, I have no interest in owning, operating, running or working for a tiny house factory. I'm willing to meet with local business, government and non profit leaders to discuss how it could be accomplished and to tell you what I know about manufactured housing, but more than that is not for me. Nor am I looking to make any money.

I just believe it is time Greensboro returned to her senses. Throwing money at problems doesn't work. The current plan being pitched by Tiny Houses Greensboro is the same failed public housing plan that governments have been doing for as long as any of us can remember. It's an old maid in a new dress, lipstick on a pig, the same thing, only different.

Greensboro has a long history of falling victim to thieves and con men who claim they will solve the worst of our problems. It's time that ended.

Let's solve Greensboro's homeless problem the only way that has proven to work. Put them in homes they own like was done in Utah.

"A decade ago, Utah set itself an ambitious goal: end chronic homelessness.

As of 2015, the state can just about declare victory: The population of chronically homeless people has dropped by 91 percent."

Even the Huffington Post, who  criticizes the Utah data and claims it wrong, recognizes that the Utah model is the only thing that works:

"Additional focus should be placed on transitioning people out of expensive supportive housing and into housing of their own or with family members when their well-being improves. This will free up resources for additional needy people in the future. More accountability should be placed on service providers for helping people overcome addiction, find work and rebuild connections with family and community. Engagement with services shouldn’t be required for homeless individuals to receive housing in the first place, but when appropriate, actual requirements that encourage personal improvement can be phased in over time."

No, simply giving or arranging financing for homes for the homeless will not solve the problem in and of itself, but it is the first step in the only plan that works. Just as renting houses is the first step in keeping people trapped in the cycle of poverty forever.

Now it's up to you, Dear Readers, spread the word about the man behind Tiny Houses Greensboro, contact your elected representatives, and the agencies in charge of these problems, and demand a better way be found-- now! Before more people and animals suffer at their hands. After all, any man who would abuse horses certainly doesn't care about the homeless.