Friday, January 13, 2017

Expect a City Council election year love fest between the News and Record and those lobbying to buy the newspaper property

The News and Record puts its downtown Greensboro property up for sale at the beginning of a Greensboro City Council election year, during which the paper's Editorial Board (Allen Johnson and Doug Clark) endorses Council candidates and the paper's news reporters write up, or don't, stories about those running.

Meanwhile, Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilman Tony Wilkins, looking to cash in on some good will from Warren Buffett's property for sale, not only run up the perceived value of the property they want taxpayers to finance, but suddenly try to get in good with those who are going to be covering the election and the redistricting court case.

Meanwhile, the big campaign contributors who don't want the property to be developed, as it would crowd out and compete with theirs, like the idea of the City buying the property at a high price to keep it off the market, as 'we' will surely pay far more than it's worth in exchange for some nice headlines leading into the election, which will be good for four years instead of two.

The parasites are out in force on this one.