Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Study Was That?

I got the following e-mail earlier today. I won't say who from:

"Council Woman Sleeps With Married Man

While I realize the need to have a study I would highly recommend city council legal review the potential violations of law for a councilwoman who has a direct conflict of interest.

Due to having a relationship with one of the local companies that will benefit from 11%  and or 33,000 dollars of the 300,000 study.

Seeking addition investigation on phone call history, emails and any.all communication between council woman and this individual male that will gain from her recent vote to support the study

As I attended the City Council meeting and watched him stand as one of the local partners I ask you to please do not allow this type of conflict of interest not to go without being addressed in the future"

Now I'm assuming this had something to do with last night's Greensboro City Council meeting but I don't know as I wasn't in attendance and didn't watch on television. So I replied back making sure to BCC Councilman Wilkins and Councilman Barber along with several people working in Greensboro media:

"Can you tell me more about this study and who the people involved are? That sort of information might make it possible for me to locate the information you are looking for. Tony Wilkins and Mike Barber will be in touch with you soon.


Are the implications true? Currently you know as much as I know. But perhaps you'd like to e-mail City Council and ask. I did.