Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Better Way For Greensboro

Since long before learning that I suffer from the incurable pulmonary fibrosis I've long thought Greensboro deserves a better way-- a better means of leadership that rises above politics, political agendas, political activism, and personal dreams of power and wealth.

And I think I've hit upon the means by which we can make Greensboro that bright star that every city in America wants to become. Not a utopia, just the best city in the nation with the most opportunity for everyone.

We do it by never asking to do what is right, what is best, what will help the most people in the fairest of ways, without trampling upon the rights of others to do so. We do so by doing it in mass, as a group so large, so diverse, that politics can't touch us.

We do so by crossing party and religious divides, cultural divides, class, and keeping all political parties out.

We do so knowing that every large contributor be it individual, institutional, or governmental might someday have to be told to kiss our asses, we'll do without their money and their strings. Donations are fine, just don't expect us to step and fetch for your money. And we have the balls to back it up.

We do it with non profit and for profit arms as our intent is to help our community by providing the things our community needs-- food, shelter, healthcare, jobs, an increased tax base, small businesses, co-ops, education, training, child care... Our for profit arms donate their profits to our non profit arms, holding back only as much as is needed for growth. CEOs are paid no more that 12 times the rate of the lowest paid workers instead of 300 times as is the standard today. In that way, CEO pay is tied to worker pay. And we start in the neighborhoods where it is most needed.

Our goal is to build up Greensboro from the bottom up instead of waiting on help that will never come.

It was suggested to me that I start a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for lung transplants to save my life. Truth is: I could live a few months or a few years. Besides, what's the life of one old man worth compared to the hundreds, perhaps thousands of hungry children right here in Greensboro?

I'm thinking a Go Fund Me campaign could be started to fund an effort to save Greensboro-- to fund a new grass roots for profit and non profit, independent of Greensboro's status quo, with the mission of  never asking to do what is right.

But before we do anything, let's talk about what we can do together to save our community. Join the forum at Never Ask To Do The Right Thing to be a part of this revolution.

And before anyone asks, yes, I can show you copies of my test results showing the blockages in my lungs. (There's always an asshole somewhere.)