Thursday, February 2, 2017

John Hammer; "Dejuan Yourse was arrested by Greensboro police last week for failure to appear in court"

It is my understanding that a video exists as evidence in the Friday Yourse arrest 
that shows a rather severe assault on a female committed by him"

Retired Greensboro Police officer Marc Ridgill

"Yourse became another of [Nelson] Johnson's causes after he was arrested by Cole on his mother's front porch, where he said he was waiting for her to get home and give him some money.  Neighbors had reported he was trying to break in the house, which is why police responded.

Marc Ridgill, was Yourse arrested for failure to appear
or assault, or was the assault in front of officers at the arrest? 

Often not reported is that when police were investigating a previous break in at Yourse's mother's house, his mother listed her son as a possible suspect, or the fact that he had outstanding warrants against him when he was sitting on his mother's porch.  

Please clarify Mr. Ridgill

Yourse admitted to Cole that he had put a shovel under the garage door and explained he did so because he was looking to see if his dog was inside.  He never explained how putting a shovel under the door would help him discover if the dog was in the garage.  He also at first told Cole that he lived in the house and then, on further questioning, admitted that he did not live there but visited every day.

...Bill Hill, the attorney for the Greensboro Police Officers Association, wrote a scathing press release, calling the investigation of Yourse's arrest a "politically motivated witch hunt."

It turns out that the police may know a bad guy when they see one.

...In the Yourse case, because of Johnson's involvement, the video of Yourse being arrested was released to the public.  During the police internal investigation of the arrest of Yourse by Cole and Officer C. Jackson, both officers resigned from the Greensboro Police Department.

Johnson and his people are still demanding that all the information about the internal police investigation of the Yourse arrest be released to the public, but the City Council voted not to release the documents that are considered part of the officers' personnel files and are not public records..."