Friday, February 3, 2017

Screw Greensboro Politics

Now I'm not saying this is exactly what we should do but why not take a look at what the Black Panther Party did. They called themselves a political party but first and foremost they were a social organization that took care of people's needs. From Wikipedia:

"At its inception on October 15,[5] 1966, the Black Panther Party's core practice was its armed citizens' patrols to monitor the behavior of police officers and challenge police brutality in Oakland, California. In 1969, community social programs became a core activity of party members.[6] The Black Panther Party instituted a variety of community social programs, most extensively the Free Breakfast for Children Programs, and community health clinics.[7][8][9] The party enrolled the largest number of members and made the greatest impact in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Philadelphia.[10]"

And this:

"Government oppression initially contributed to the growth of the party as killings and arrests of Panthers increased support for the party within the black community and on the broad political left, both of whom valued the Panthers as a powerful force opposed to de facto segregation and the military draft. Black Panther Party membership reached a peak in 1970, with offices in 68 cities and thousands of members, then suffered a series of contractions. After being vilified by the mainstream press, public support for the party waned, and the group became more isolated..."

It was only when the BPP moved away from their core beliefs that they began to fall apart. The government couldn't destroy them, the government only made them stronger. The BPP, like the Democrats and Republicans, strayed from their core beliefs and destroyed themselves.

Sure, the BPP ran candidates for office but they weren't kidding themselves, they knew they'd never win. But they did know that running for office could become a very important recruiting tool which brought in new members and lots of money to pay for their real causes of helping the people where they lived.

The rise and fall of the BPP is pretty much the same as the rise and fall of every successful political movement in the history of the world. They did great until corruption brought them down. Once a party, platform, system, or group becomes corrupt it can no longer be saved. We must abandon the existing parties and system until it is starved out of existence. And to continue to remain a part is to continue to contribute to your own demise.

I have lots of ideas for things that could be done in our communities-- things that would lift people up and take care of their needs. People look to government to do those things but government is failing us. And if you think Trump is going to step in and give us anything... ROTFLMAO!!! If we don't do for ourselves we die.

It is my core belief that we can build a society that takes care of the needs of the least among us while still allowing business to make a reasonable profit. I believe as we need to demonstrate that to be true.

Find needs, fill those needs, help our communities, and turn a profit while doing so. The Black Panthers did it-- why can't it be done again?

Why can't it be done better than before? After all, we can see where they went wrong.

And why can't it be done right here in Greensboro, WITHOUT POLITICAL PARTIES, without RACE, GENDER, and LIFESTYLE CHOICES being a barrier? Without RELIGION getting in the way. Take the barriers out and do for ourselves. Do for our community.

I don't want to argue politics anymore-- politicians on both sides are only in it for themselves-- I want to make Greensboro a better place to live. Now who among you is against making Greensboro a better place to live?