Friday, May 12, 2017

"Tanger Center will have premier sound system", and Greensboro's taxpayers are paying for it

"When the new downtown performing arts center opens in 2019, planners say, expect sound unrivaled among similar venues in the country.

The best sound, with the fewest patrons who can afford to attend
in the entire country
within a community bleeding good paying manufacturing jobs

The $78.1 million Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts will feature the Meyer Sound Constellation electronic acoustic enhancement system.

Now with parking decks, the Center will cost about $30 million more,
plus interest on the debt, and a couple million per year for operating losses

The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra and its supporters long had lobbied for that system for the classical concerts it will play there.

After five years of research and negotiations with California-based Meyer Sound, Tanger Center planners have landed the Constellation system for about $959,000.

...Orchestras often perform with a large acoustical shell behind them, to reflect sound toward the audience.

With Constellation, the room becomes a virtual shell.

Hidden within the Tanger theater’s acoustical panel walls will be 231 miniature speakers, with small speakers on the stage’s back wall for musicians, Brown said.

Hanging from the ceiling and steel grid in the stage will be 59 miniature microphones.

The system will be installed during construction. Most of it will be invisible to the audience.

“You will sit in a symphonic surround sound, and you won’t really know where those speakers are,” Brown said. “It’s phenomenal.”...

...A separate amplified sound system, budgeted at $1.9 million, will be used for touring Broadway shows, rock concerts, comedians, symphony Pops concerts and Bryan Series lectures by prominent speakers.

Just for the Symphony...

The venue will be able to switch easily between the two.

“We will have the best sound systems for a 3,000-seat performing arts center in the country,” Brown said.

Symphony supporters heard the news about the Constellation system at a Saturday fundraiser at the Greensboro Country Club.

“We’re thrilled,” Lisa Crawford, symphony president and CEO, said in an earlier interview.

...“If we had a beautiful new building, and the sound was terrible, what’s the point?” Crawford said.

The Constellation system ...can be found in such venues as Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, Calif.; the Appel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York; SoundBox in San Francisco, and Svetlanov Hall at the International Performing Arts Center in Moscow.

None is as large as the planned Tanger Center.

White Elephant
in the middle of low income region, for the benefit of the City's elite

...private donors and symphony supporters said the Meyer Constellation system would best meet Tanger Center needs.

...A public-private partnership between the city and the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro will bring the $78.1 million Tanger Center to fruition.

Plus interest, plus operating losses, plus parking decks
= Fake news from Greensboro's News and Record

The Community Foundation has raised more than $38.5 million from private donors...

Pledged not raised; Fake news from Greensboro's News and Record

The city will finance the rest with hotel and motel tax revenues, ticket fees and parking revenues — not taxpayer money, Brown has said.

Nancy Vaughan and the rest of Greensboro's crooked City Council said,
when they voted for unsustainable bond measures to finance the City's initial investment, 
which will grow stupendously as the years pass

...Symphony officials expressed gratitude to Brown, Sanders and Kathy Manning, who led private fundraising efforts for the Community Foundation.

Let's not forget Walker Sanders take on the money 
invested at the Community Foundation

“This ensures that we will have a facility of the quality that the community expects,” said Daniel Crupi, symphony chief operating officer.

Most people in our community don't go to the symphony

Added Crawford: “Hopefully it’s going to be a huge game-changer for us.”