Monday, March 20, 2017

I Found The Missing Say Yes Funding

This morning I'm sending the following e-mail to every member of the Greensboro City Council, Guilford County Commissioners, and Guilford County School Board. As usual, I expect no replies from the vast majority except the few who have already questioned Say Yes Guilford.

"And now we learn the New York Comptroller is withholding the $20 Million Dollar bailout to Say Yes Syracuse:

"And he said there are some signs of progress, including a $20 million contract for Say Yes to Education, which provides college tuition to Syracuse school graduates.

“The only thing standing between that money being in a central New York bank account from where it is today is sign off from the office of the state comptroller,” Simpson said.

You see, the Ponzi Scheme requires constant new sources of funding to work."

Buy Syracuse has only waited a year since the bailout was approved by the New York State Legislature-- why is the State Comptroller holding the money back? What is the media there not telling us?

The Mayor of Syracuse is blaming the local economic development council but one has to wonder why? 

"The mayor specifically asks for answers on these programs. 20 million dollars for "Say yes to education," 2.5 million for helping the under-employed and 12.5 five million for a veterans resource complex."

Are Guilford Counties various governmental bodies and economic development agencies soon going to start pointing fingers at one another, afraid to accept the blame when all were warned in advance?

And the saddest part is: For well over a year, before the News & Record, before the Rhino Times, when all the local media was playing cheerleader for Say Yes and ignoring our questions, George Hartzman, myself, and many others have tried to warn those in charge that the numbers didn't work. And we'll never get so much as a public apology or an admission that we tried to save them from themselves all along.

Responsible public officials would be calling for State and Federal Investigations already, instead of waiting for the results of public relations campaigns almost a month away.

Find the guilty here in Guilford County and make them pay. That's the only thing we as citizens can do.