Thursday, March 9, 2017

No One Debates Boeheim

I found it interesting, that while many folks here in Greensboro, including Mayor Nancy Vaughan, take objection to the comments of Syracuse Coach Boeheim, no one debates Boeheim on the points he made.

Nope, the entire effort on the part of the City of Greensboro is based on fan loyality, getting all huffy, offended, and shouting back at Boeheim in the hopes that he might soon die or at least retire.

Boeheim made the point that New York City has the media centers and recruiting centers players and teams need.

"I think New York's a great place,'' Boeheim said. "You get in the media centers and recruiting centers. How many players they have in Greensboro? New York, Washington, Atlanta. That's where the media centers are. Madison Square Garden made the Big East Conference. There's a couple other factors, but MADE the Big East Conference."

Does he have a point? Yes or no?

What was the City of Greensboro's official response? The City Tweeted:

".@AdamZagoria @ACCSports We kindly disagree. But I guess you can lose in the 1st round anywhere. At least it's a quick ride home."

Seriously, that's the best college educated, media professionals are capable of saying?

Where is the rebuttal? Where is the proof that Boeheim is wrong? What are the advantages that Greensboro has that New York cannot provide?

For you see, my friends, as much as you dislike what I'm telling you, when Greensboro's leaders can give us reasons why Boeheim is wrong then we'll also have the reasons we need to keep the ACC tournament in Greensboro all the time and not have to share it with Atlanta or any other city.

But don't expect Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and our current Greensboro City Council to come up with the reasons-- that would require more than 140 words.