Sunday, March 26, 2017

Things They Never Told You About Greensboro

The beginnings of what we now call Beach Music and a dance known as shagging first began in little clubs on State Street in Greensboro and not at the beaches as is commonly believed.

That was the good news.

Carpenters who are currently repairing houses built as part of Project Homestead, a project founded by the late Reverend Michael King, and funded with Greensboro tax dollars at the request of then, City Councilman, Robbie Perkins, are finding that 1/2" OSB (Oriented Strand Board) was used in the flooring where building codes called for 3/4" materials.

City of Greensboro building inspectors signed off on all these homes which have since been sold to individual homeowners.

Many Project Homestead homes have since gone into foreclosure and are being bought up by foreigners living in India and Pakistan, who are buying hundreds of homes across North Carolina to use as rental properties.

Lots of other substandard building practices have been discovered by those persons repairing the various Project Homestead properties. Looks like grounds for a class action lawsuit to this writer.