Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hey April Parker, Remember Billy Jones?

I hear April Parker is planning to run against Skip Alston for County Commissioner.

Long time readers know I've never been a fan of Skip Alston but here's what I know about Skip Alston: You can have a reasoned and thoughtful conversation with Skip Alston about anything you wish to talk about. Skip knows how to listen. It can even be a pleasant conversation if you allow it to be so. Why just Tuesday night I had a brief but pleasant conversation with Skip and his lovely wife. Skip and I are both hoping more of you will visit and contribute to the International Civil Rights Center & Museum.

Now folks that have seen Skip and I argue with each other in public might think differently but trust me, it's true.

As for April Parker, entirely different story. I'm being told by very reliable sources that Ms Parker

"...has never had a decent conversation and everyone finds it impossible to work with her. In meetings I've never heard her follow through with Roberts Rules of Order."

I found her to be exactly the same way in online conversations at Greensboro's Black Lives Matter forum on Facebook. It was as if she hated the fact that I am white, male, heterosexual, and older.

Never mind that I've lived in a majority black neighborhood for over 60 years, support the efforts of my black neighbors and are highly thought of by them. Never mind that I've written extensively of the problems of institutional racism and racist liberals, Ms Parker just assumed that because I'm white, male, heterosexual, and older, that I must be the enemy.

Never mind that I've publicly expressed that poor white people living in black neighborhoods suffer from the same problems forced on poor black people.

Never mind that I support the rights of the trans community and spoke out against HB 2 right here on the pages of this website, April Parker and her co conspirator Cherizar Crippen branded me an enemy and threw me out of the forum because...

Well, it looked to me like they have control issues. Like they expect everyone in the world to be up on all the latest phrases and ideas, and know exactly what everything means. And if you're white, male, heterosexual, or older, and don't know what everything means then obviously, in the minds of April and Cherizar, you're the enemy.

Well guess what ladies, if you're lucky you'll live long enough until you get to the point that you won't be able to keep up either.

And April Parker will never hold elected office. Our local black and LGBT communities have so many others who are better suited for the job. I'm all for new blood but April ain't it.