Friday, April 21, 2017

Illegal Gambling In Greensboro? With Updates.

Ever heard of Fish Tables? They're an arcade game designed primarily for gambling and no less than 3, perhaps more, have opened up right here in East Greensboro. has a very detailed article on their history titled, Why Cops Are Raiding Arcades Over A Fishing Game.

One is located at a property I'm sure you'll remember. It's the same property on Martin Luther King Drive when employees working for Rocky Scarfone bleached the parking lot and altered video tape in an attempt cover up a shooting at Mr Scarfone's club there.

Another is located on East Bessemer Avenue.

And the third that I'm aware of is located in the so called, "grocery store" on Phillips Avenue at Lombardy Street. You know, the grocery store owned by those nice Pakistani merchants who own Kim's on Phillips Avenue and dozens of other convenience stores, hotels and motels throughout the Piedmont Triad.

Perhaps you remember when those same nice Pakistani merchants sold the Greensboro Inn to the City of Greensboro to make room for the performing arts center or when the Greensboro City Council voted to give them the shopping center on the corner of Phillips and Elwell, free of charge plus give them $2 Million Dollars to fix it up?

Could it be that fine upstanding Greensboro business people are opening up gambling operations in the poorest parts of our city?

And could it be that the Greensboro Police Department and Guilford County Sherriff's Department are turning a blind eye because the owners are prominent local citizens?

You tell me?

Update: Just learned of another on Summit Avenue where O Henry Barbecue used to be.

Update 2: A reader sends a photo of another in the Price Place Shopping Center on West Market. Arcades were never so popular in Greensboro. By the way, who owns Club Orion?

Update 3: Two more locations, Lawndale @ Cone and Cone Blvd near Walmart. These businesses are obviously targeting poor neighborhoods.

Update 4: Again Two more locations Battleground Plaza on Battleground Ave. and the curb market on Lawndale Drive across the street right before you get to the Target Shopping Center.

Update 5: June 12, 2017 Greensboro Police take action.