Wednesday, April 26, 2017

So They'll Come Back With Another Idea That Won't Work

From the Columbus Business Journal:

"A group of about 100 Guilford County, North Carolina, community and business leaders will travel next month to Columbus as part of a larger effort to learn more about what has made that city successful and apply new economic development ideas to the Triad.

The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce is leading its "InterCity" visit to Columbus May 10-11. The goal is to focus on alleviating poverty, city branding, entrepreneurship, talent and skills development, and university engagement."

That's right, another trip, more taxpayer money being spent by the City and County funded Greensboro Chamber of Commerce to send a bunch of clueless idiots all the way to Columbus, Ohio to figure out ways to spend Millions more in taxpayer dollars.

Here's an idea: Take the elevator all the way to the top floor of Roy Carroll's tallest downtown building and throw piles of money out the freaking windows!

At least then it would get invested locally.

And folks, please share the news so others will know how your money is being spent.