Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tina And Tony, John, Jon, And Marcus

Here we have Tina Forsberg and some of Guilford County's most well known Republicans calling me out on my Facebook page because I questioned Tina this morning about local conservative support for Councilman Tony Wilkins who continues to support the taxpayer funded Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center. Even Councilman Wilkins joined in the conversation.

Among those who chimed in are Represenative Jon Hardister, Senator John Blust, and former Guilford County Republican Chairman Marcus Kindley. As is par for the course, Tony Wilkins resorts to name calling and accusing me of being a liar when in-fact the information he refers to was reported by Margaret Moffett in Today's News & Record. You see, the " $39.6 million — $10 million from a tax on hotel rooms and $29.6 million from ticket fees and parking revenue" is tax money. Period, end of story.

That money belongs to the residents of Greensboro and Guilford County. The only question is: who is being taxed?

So when can Greensboro's conservatives expect Tony Wilkins to challenge the construction of the Greensboro Performing Arts Center as allowed by Robert's Rules of Order, and bring about a vote to end taxpayer funding of this project? After all, he hasn't done it yet.

The Guilford County Republican Party has spent years grooming Tony Wilkins. After Marcus Kindley blew his shot, Tony became their boy, their next hope. That and the fact that Marty Kotis-- Tony's close friend and campaign contributor-- owns several downtown properties in very close proximity to the performing arts center including one on the corner on Davie Street almost next door, makes Councilman Wilkins' failure to call out the corruption very suspect.

And if you search the NC Secretary of State for Kotis Westover LLC you find none other than William M Kotis, III, 102 Mill Street, Greensboro, NC-- the same address as Kotis Properties.

And folks, that's not all of Marty Kotis' downtown Greensboro properties.

So now you know who Tony Wilkins and your local Guilford County Republican Party bosses are shilling for and why Tony Wilkins will never oppose the Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center.