Friday, April 14, 2017

We Warned You First

Today, Roch Smith Jr writes of problems with the Downtown Greenway, Performing Arts Center, and Say Yes Guilford in his article Murky public-private partnerships inspire skepticism published in Yes Weekly Magazine:

"The recent news regarding several of Greensboro’s public-private partnerships has been disheartening.

Greensboro’s Tanger Center for Performing Arts has been delayed by years and is currently $18 million over budget even before ground breaking.

Private money supposedly spent on the Downtown Greensboro Greenway is explained in murky terms.

A regional initiative called Tri-Gig secretly allocates Greensboro’s publicly owned Internet infrastructure to a private company without public input or City Council approval.

Say Yes to Education’s executive director resigns as the organization announces that it is not going to be able to fulfill its original promise of college scholarships for Guilford County public school students.

These failures and missteps all have one thing in common: a cloak of secrecy."

But remember, George Hartzman, myself and others here at were telling you all these things and more way back in 2012 when I founded this website.

Our personal thanks to Roch and others for proving us right in the end.