Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Brian Clarey Has Changed His Tune Calling Zimmerman A Con Man

Has anyone noticed the changes in Triad City Beat lately? All of a sudden TCB went from DGI and Mayor Vaughan's biggest shills to writing articles like Calling BS: Trader Joe’s in downtown Greensboro where Brian writes:

"But believe me when I tell you that there will be no Trader Joe’s in downtown Greensboro. Not today. Not a couple years from now. Not in a decade. Like a fight club at Sunday school, a downtown Trader Joe’s is not gonna happen."

Seems Clarey attributes it to:

"a brilliant marketing scheme, perpetrated by Andy Zimmerman..."

You see, Andy Zimmerman owns a bunch of empty properties there and if he could fool local business owners into moving there in the hopes that he would someday have a Trader Joes as an anchor tenant, Andy, I'll-Build-A-Brewery-In-The Gate-City-Lincoln-Mercury-Building, Zimmerman could make a lot of money from jacked up rental rates.

"A brilliant marketing scheme?" Reads like fraud to me. Of course Andy would claim after the fact that the deal with Trader Joes fell through.

Remember Andy, I'll-By-Your-Property-After-I-Sell-Your-Property, Zimmerman provided you sign a contract with me saying you'll not sell it to anyone else?

People like Andy Zimmerman count on people forgetting all the promises they never kept. But some people remember and websites like EzGreensboro.com never take it down.

I admit, it's refreshing to see Greensboro's journalists calling BS once again. Greensboro will be a better city for it. Greensboro's journilists will be better for it. We'll all be better for it. Well, everyone except the Andy Zimmermans of the world. Forgive Brian and company for their past mistakes. But just in case Brian looses his nerve:

As for you, Dear readers, stop shooting the messengers just because we haven't got good news. Instead, take your anger out on the Zimmermans and politricksters who create the bad news that causes the Ineptocracy in which we are forced to live.

And folks, before you say it, I'd love to see a Trader Joes in downtown Greensboro. As a matter of fact: here's an older picture of a perfect place to put it. I hear the lot is still empty. Seems another bunch of downtown con men failed to con enough people into giving them enough money before they spent all they had.