Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Night Greensboro News Dump of 'private/public' Incompetence; "Tanger Center needs new contractor for 'Phase 1'"

"The city will start looking Monday for a new contractor for "Phase 1" of the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.

Someone needs to be removed from involvement in the project

The move comes more than three weeks after donors and city leaders broke ground on the $78.1 million center, held before the city had finished negotiating a contract with Durham-based Skanska-Rentenbach.

Our leaders lied, and are likely to be reelected 
by a community of mostly dumb-ass voters,
as few step up to inherit this fucked up city

The company was supposed to start "Phase 1" work — $2.5 million worth of site and utility-line preparation — a few days later.

But negotiations broke down between the city and the company earlier this month over professional fees.

Over budget Kathy Manning?

Hiring the new contractor means that work won't start until July 15, according to an email Coliseum Director Matt Brown sent City Council members Friday.

...He said the city will advertise for bids for "Phase 1" of the work Monday, and accept bids June 20. The city will hire a contractor June 30, he said, and start work July 15.

Something is very wrong with this non-transparent process
driven by egotistical rich donors, meddling in a process
which should have had a venue built by now 

There could be a larger problem looming: Skanska-Rentenbach's continued work on "Phase 2" — everything else that it will take to build the limestone and glass structure.

The city believes the company should move forward with "Phase 2."

Skanska says it won't do that without a contract for "Phase 1."

Negotiations about that dispute are ongoing, the city said Friday.

Total Fuck up by Greensboro's mayor, City Council and executive management

...The project is a public-private partnership. The city, the “public” part of the equation, will spend $39.6 million — $10 million from a tax on hotel rooms and $29.6 million from ticket fees and parking revenue.

Not including interest, which Margaret Moffett understands but won't report

Margaret and the News and Record's executives know the math to justify the borrowing
is garbage, and report this shit anyway 

The “private” end of the partnership, managed by Kathy Manning, a local attorney, and Walker Sanders, the president of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, is what sets apart this process. The two say they've raised promises for more than $39 million from private donors.

"promises" are not cash in hand

...In March, the News & Record published articles that said some private donors were considering withholding their pledges because of those delays.

Brown, Sanders and Manning announced the groundbreaking shortly after those articles appeared.

Sanders and Manning need to step away, 
and if Matt Brown is found to have messed this up, 
he should resign along with City Manager Jim Westmoreland

At a special meeting April 25, just 18 hours ahead of the groundbreaking ceremony, the City Council voted to spend up to $2.5 million on “Phase 1.”

But there was a problem: the city hadn't finished negotiating the "Phase 1" contract with Skanska-Rentenbach.

The council voted 8-1 to approve it anyway..."

Tony Wilkins voted yes

Outling voted yes

Barber voted yes

Hightower voted yes

Vaughan voted yes

Johnson voted yes

Hoffmann voted yes

Fox voted yes

Disgraceful this is