Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Greensboro's News and Record misleads the public for the benefit of Greensboro's Oligharcy

"Guilford County’s property tax rate would decrease by more than 2 cents in a proposed budget presented Thursday, while schools would receive about half of what officials requested.

...The draft budget, presented to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners at its regular meeting Thursday, drops the property tax rate to 73.05 cents per $100 of assessed valuation, a 2.45-cent decrease from the current rate of 75.5 cents.

The lower tax rate would generate the same amount of revenue due to increasing property values in the county, Lawing said."

Otherwise known as revenue neutral, as property values increased upon revaluation,
so it's not a tax decrease, but it's in the headline anyway, 
which is rather very misleading

Both articles were written by the same reporter

"Proposed city budget raises police salaries, keeps property tax level

The budget proposal also includes:

A total budget of $532.5 million, a 1.6 percent increase over the current budget.

What the same paper who informed readers 
of a revenue neutral budget as a tax decrease that wasn't,
then told the public there wasn't a tax increase proposed for Greensboro,
which is pretty, very misleading

Maintaining the property tax rate at 63.25 cents per $100 of value, for the eighth consecutive year...

But increasing taxes by not maintaining a revenue neutral budget,
like the same reporter wrote about Guilford County

Rate increases for water and sewer customers. City residents would see their rates increase by 3.75 percent, or an additional $1.59 a month; customers living in the county would pay 1 percent more, or an extra $1.03 a month.

It's a tax increase, like last year's water and sewer tax increase,
which our paper of record chose not to identify for what it is

...Councilman Mike Barber, who emailed Westmoreland two weeks ago to suggest a 6 percent to 10 percent salary raise for police and fire employees, said the suggested 5 percent increase was “a very good start.”

“I would love to look at getting our police to third in the state, consistent with our population base,” Barber said.

Bullshit, as Barber's buying votes with some of everyone else's money,
while the public is misinformed, and really lied to about what is clearly a tax increase

But Councilwoman Sharon Hightower said the increase could damage morale in other departments in which employees haven’t seen sizable pay raises in years..."

If the police department had a better enemy to go after
than Sharon Hightower, I would be astonished

Don't expect Allen Johnson, Susan Ladd or Doug Clark to let everyone know 
about Greensboro's tax increases

It's not like they are not in on the game

They are supposed to be our 'opinion' leaders, 
yet they are really shills for ever expanding government
which is good for Warren Buffet and themselves