Monday, May 15, 2017

"If a bear is chasing you and you can’t run fast enough, you’re probably dead"

"If your capitalist democratic system can’t handle climate change, a problem predicted decades ago, with plenty of time to fix it, billions of people will die.

It doesn’t matter whether there are “reasons” why we couldn’t handle it, not to the dead.

It also doesn’t matter if there are “reasons” why we can’t come up with a better way of running the world than capitalism with a side of democracy or autocracy, depending on the country.

...If my brakes and steering fail at 90 miles an hour as I’m heading towards a mountain cliff, well, no catastrophe actually happens till I not only go off the cliff, but hit the ground, but the future is set.

That’s where we are, the future is essentially set. We aren’t going to stop climate change, it’s doubtful we even can (it would, even theoretically, take massive geo-engineering at this point), so capitalism and the political systems attached to it, like democracy and Chinese one-party autocratic rule, have failed.

It is that simple.

...And what people are not getting thru their heads is that they will be seen to have failed by those who have to suffer the consequences of our monstrous abnegation of responsibility.

They will be loathed; even as we who live in this era and especially those who were adults in the 80s and 90s, will not just be loathed, but treated as lepers...

One of the problems with de-naturing; with living in almost entirely human made systems, and with pushing those bits we don’t control like illness off into ghettos, is that it means most people almost never experience a benchmark that isn’t set by other human beings. They feel, in their guts, that if only other people are convinced, any problem can be fixed or finangled.


The bear doesn’t care that you can’t run fast enough because TV is funner than going for a jog; and nature doesn’t care that shareholders needed value and that oil barons didn’t want to be a little poorer (or whatever).

And neither will those who suffer climate change due to our ethical monstrosity and sheer incapability.

...We must come up with better ways to run our societies. We are creating existential threats to our very existence by failing to do so...

Worse worlds are always possible. So are better ones, and no system is ever “the best”.

And nature doesn’t grade on a curve."