Sunday, May 21, 2017

Who Owns Greensboro Mayor Nancy Wilkins?

No the title wasn't a typo. Read on.

Have you ever wondered who really calls the shots here in Greensboro, who really pulls the strings of the puppets we elect to the Greensboro City Council? Well thanks to some very observant readers of who passed this information along to me we now know that Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan is owned by none other then Greensboro City Councilman Tony Wilkins.

Or does Mayor Vaughan own Tony Wilkins?

How do we know this?

Take a look at the website

Now look at who controls Nancy's website. According to Whois Lookup Results the administrator is none other than Tony Wilkins.

Either way, Tony Wilkins and Nancy Vaughan are tied together. You can't bullshit your way out of this one Tony.

Now this begs the questions:

1. How did Tony Wilkins, who is rumored to be running against Mayor Vaughan, manage to become the administrator of Mayor Vaughan's campaign website which has been in existence since 2009?

2. Has Tony Wilkins been working with Mayor Vaughan since 2009? The website was first created in 2009?

3. Does this explain how Councilman Wilkins manages to make a living despite apparently being unemployed? Hey, we all know he can't be selling enough furniture out of a mini storage warehouse to pay the bills.

4. If we were to ask the Mayor and Council members to make public their tax returns, would they do so?

5. How many other members of City Council have apparent conflicts of interest involving their business arrangements with Councilman Wilkins?

6. Who actually owns Is it Tony Wilkins? Marty Kotis? Roy Carroll? Donald Vaughan? Mike Barber? Nancy Hoffman? Who? And why would he or she keep the actual ownership of an election website private unless there is in-fact a conflict of interest?

7. Have laws been broken?

8. Will there be an investigation?

9. Will the State Board of Elections step in to investigate?

10. Will Donald Vaughan magically manage to make it all go away.

Share with your friends, I'm sure they will be curious just as our other readers were. And rest assured, as we learn more we'll tell you.