Monday, June 19, 2017

Kendrick Turner For Mayor Greensboro NC?

Well this is interesting and I thought since I stumbled on this tidbit that others might find it interesting. Apparently someone registered the website It actually came up via a listing on the Yelp website.

The site isn't active and I don't know if it has ever been active but because I don't know who Kendrick Turner might be I started searching some more and found a Kendrick Turner for Mayor Facebook page from 2017.

Then I found that a man by the name of Kendrick Turner who was running for Norfolk, Va City Council was robbed at gunpoint in January of 2016.

Coincidence? Maybe.

Interestingly I found several Facebook profiles for Kendrick Turner like this Kendrick Turner living in Los Angeles, and from NY, NY. This Kendrick Turner who claims to be from Wilson, NC and works for Facebook. Or how about a Kendrick Turner who lives in Arlington, Mass?

Or this Kendrick Turner with only pictures of who appears to be his new wife. Funny, his wife Pearlie Mae Daniels Turner, born 1955, was hardly in her coffin before he married yet another older woman.

Amazingly, all these Kendrick Turners look just alike.

The Kendrick Turner living in Los Angeles put up a no parking sign at his church on June 16, 2017 but if you look close at the sign you'll see the towing company is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Where does Kendrick Turner live and what is he up to?

According to Norfolk TV 10  Kendrick Turner, who claims to be a bishop, has a very long history of ripping people off.

" is familiar with Turner, and he’s been accused of not paying people for services before. 10 On Your Side did a report last May about security guards he owed money to. When we checked court records, we found dozens of people who have taken Turner to court for the same thing."

And from a 2009 article titled Beware the bishop in the Daily Press:

"Heaven help the community from saviors like this."

They also said a lot worse but you'll have to click on the link above to read it.

According to, a Virginia campaign tracking website, Turner got 3 campaign contributions totaling $15,000, and another $15,000 in in-kind contributions but it really looks as if he simply pocketed any money he got. How much you want to bet his 3 campaign contributions came from lonely old widows? Or his church collection plates?

According to the Virginian-Pilot, he was convicted of campaign fraud in 2004.

"To win the seat in the May election, Kendrick J. Turner would have to oust Vice Mayor Angelia Williams Graves, who said Monday that she is running for re-election. Graves won election to the council in November 2010 and was appointed vice mayor in January 2014.

Turner, 43, said he is a Norfolk native who moved back to the city about a month ago, after spending most of the past two decades in Newport News, Portsmouth, Hampton and in North Carolina and Maryland.

He said he is the bishop of The Holy Ghost Fire Outreach Ministry, a Pentecostal church in Newport News.

Turner’s election fraud occurred in Hampton after he was accused of changing the dates on petitions in order to get on the ballot for the mayor’s race that year, according to published news reports."

And now he's thinking about coming to Greensboro. Or maybe he's already here.

Share it quick, folks, protect those lonely widows from con men. As soon as Mr Turner sees it he'll start removing those Facebook pages and anything else he can erase from the Internet. They always do.