Monday, June 19, 2017

Man Up Greensboro!

Want to take cheap shots at me? You'll not do it via the comments on this blog anymore as I've turned them off. I usually didn't check them but once or twice a week anyway so a lot of your cheap shots weren't even being read.

That said, I'm easy to get in touch with and will be happy to publish your comments. Just e-mail them to if you've got the balls to do so. That way you can see them on the front page where even more people will notice them. I'll even post your picture if you want me to. Here's my picture if you haven't seen me before.

That's right, I'm looking old and gray, my heart skips from time to time and my breathing is shallow from an incurable and terminal lung disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis. My chest hurts. My entire body hurts. Always. If you put me in a wet paper bag I'd starve to death before I got out. Five years ago I could easily lift and carry 200 pounds. Today I can't handle 50 pounds. I'm not a threat to anyone, why are you so scared of me that you want to hide behind your computer and insult me? I do what I do solely because I want to help the community. Even if there were money in it for me I'll never live long enough to enjoy it.

And no, I don't want sympathy, I just want people to know there is no hidden agenda for what I do. I'm not being paid, I'm not making advertising dollars... I know the pain of losing my only child. I'm just dreaming of a better Greensboro where people don't have to ask to do the right thing. And I'm happy to say, thanks to a few friends it's actually happening. But be warned, that is not a political forum.
Or you can find me on Facebook. Of course, everything on my Facebook page is just as public as this blog is.

Of course I do expect you to keep your comments on topic. When I post to my page about the City of Greensboro I expect the conversation to remain about the City of Greensboro and not shoot off into what the Republicrats and Dimlicans are doing in Washington. Sadly, too many blog commenters and Facebook users don't seem to understand the difference between a mayor and a president. Everything that is wrong with Greensboro is not the fault of the Liberacons and the Coniberils.

Nor is there a problem that Abner Doon and occasionally others post to this blog using factious names. What they are posting is fact and I know who they are. Which is more than can be said for those who wish to cowardly use the comments here to abuse myself and others.

Even those persons I attack with my words deserve to know who is attacking them. And trust me, they all know who Abner Doon really is. Just because you don't know Abner Doon's real identity doesn't mean his targets don't know. Hell, he e-mails them links to his blog posts using his real name. I know that because he BCCs me on the e-mails. They actually talk to him whereas most of them won't talk to me. Some of them actually like Abner. He doesn't want to use a factious name, he has a job and a nervous boss who reads this blog, and makes him do it.

We also have two moderated Facebook groups you can join. The first is EzGreensboro Posts Only where we only discuss the posts here at

And the second is Real Progress For Greensboro where we discuss what is relevant to Greensboro no matter where it comes from.

I have my bad days and I'm not proud of everything I've ever said or done. But nothing I've ever done required that I hide while doing it. If you want to accuse me of something then come out and do it. Otherwise it is just cowardly harassment.