Thursday, June 29, 2017

Update On Jamal Fox

According to my sources...

I learned late last night that Jamal has been living with his girlfriend at her home in High Point for at least several months if not longer. She recently accepted a job in Portland, Oregon. That was when he announced that he would not be running for reelection.

Then somebody threatened to go to a city council meeting and bring up the fact that Councilman Jamal Fox, Greensboro City Council District 2 doesn't live in Greensboro.

In the beginning, Fox was going to recommend Goldie Wells to run in his place but the rest of city council plans to appoint someone named Tim Vincent to replace him.

This makes it appear as if someone connected to City Council is using this opportunity to put who they want on City Council so that just like Tony Wilkins and Justin Outling, an appointed council member will have better name recognition and at better chance at reelection.

Who ever heard of a city council with 1/3 of its members appointed to office? In America?

Thank you, Jamal, for screwing the residents of District 2 even as you skip town. May everything about Jamal Fox recorded here at and throughout the rest of the Greensboro media forever haunt you.

Oh, and Jamal, this one is for you, Dog.