Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Conversation With Michelle Kennedy

As you may know, Michelle Kennedy, director or the Interactive Resource Center in Greensboro, is running for Greensboro City Council. Michelle is a homeless advocate and posted a link to facebook pointing to an article about some of her previous work. I decided to strike up a conversation:

Update: 3:00 PM The same conversation at Kennedy for Greensboro:

Update: July 24, 2017: Yesterday I took the conversation to Ms Kennedy's Facebook page where she continues to post to Facebook but as of 10:00 this morning has failed to respond to my questions:

Longtime readers understand my goal is to find candidates whose efforts will do the most long term good for the poor, rather than bandaid solutions that wash off with every sprinkle of rain. As I commented to Ms Kennedy:

"Would Ms Kennedy turn down a chance to do an interview with any other media outlet?

And who besides Billy Jones of allows anyone to interview in public forums where everyone can see what questions are asked and what answers are actually given rather than filtering the answers to fit the agenda of the publisher?"

I understand she is at work as I'm typing this but I didn't say this interview had to be done in one night. It's typical of politicians to want to use social media like Facebook like they use billboards, Broadcast Radio and Television-- one way from them to us. But the Internet is a 2 way communication device. I hope Michelle understands that.

We can wait. But we can't wait forever. Talk to us Michelle. Talk to us without making us feel like you have to control the conversation.

Update: July 24, 2017 1:40 PM Ms Kennedy answers without answering. So I ask more questions.

And Michelle continues to avoid my questions: