Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A reply to "John Thompson: Ted Budd, tell your constituents the truth about health care"

"...43,000 of us in the 13th District get our health insurance through the ACA marketplace.

...93 percent of district participants qualify for the tax credit to help us afford the premiums.

...300,000 more of us in the district with pre-existing conditions now have protection under Obamacare

...the GOP is giving big business and the top 1 percent a massive $3.8 trillion tax cut.

John, unforunately the fixes proposed or enacted by both parties have fallen well short of realistic.  Both add to federal deficits to cover ever higher costs.  The only way to fix our healthcare industry problem is for the healthcare industry to make less money from government subsidization and monopolistic control.

Very profitable 'non-profit' Hospitals need to make less, your doctor needs to make less, the pharma and device companies need to take it on the chin after ripping off patients for decades.

Wonder why Bernie Sander's bill to import/reimport prescriptions from Canada didn't take off?  Follow the money, as in campaign contributions and medical marketing flowing through the media industry.

Ever wonder why the 'news' industry doesn't report on how much could be saved by lowering drug etc... costs?  Watch the commercials during the 6pm news hour.

I agree Budd is a pawn of the oppressor.  So was his opponent, only different, with many of the same medical industry patrons.  Look where Cory Booker and the rest get thier campaign cash.

Obamacare didn't fix the healthcare system, it just charged future generations for it with the assent our America's adult population, and the media didn't tell us, as most don't want to know.

The global economy is now propped up with funny money from more than $200 billion injected by central banks every month.  Stock markets don't go down anymore.  The financial, healthcare and educational systems in the US are parasites on the handouts, which both American political parties are in on.

Just follow the money.