Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guilford County Schools Can't Manage 4 Person Board

Earlier today I posted Guilford County Schools Seeks To Restrict Access To Public Records. 

That meeting has since been cancelled.

Minutes ago I received the following e-mail addressed to Guilford County School Board Chairman, Alan W. Duncan. I'm posting it in our Letters to the Editor section without further comment.

"I am writing to uplift a concern regarding the lack of public notice for Board Meetings and Board Committee meetings.+

My hope is the chair you will support better transparency with the public as it relates to public notice.

As you know the June Policy Committee Agenda included the July 13th meeting date however NO staff member nor board member has communicated with the public regarding the fact that the meeting has been cancelled or a notice was not sent out.

While I understand that confirm schedules can be challenging with such a small committee 4 board members but being more transparent to allow public an opportunity to attend open meetings for constituents should be considered and timely notice should be done.

As you know policies in our district are very important and we must not allow policies to be created or updated without valid supportive evidence that would warrant implementation of any charges or policies.

My hope that as the chair you will strongly consider improving this important communication and public notice expectation as a public body.  

Thank you,
Jamestown, NC"