Friday, July 7, 2017

How Much Do We Pay The Mayor of Greensboro?

When you use the Greensboro News & Record Salary Search for Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan you get the following results. One might think she works for free. Does she?

In his 2016 article City Salary Logic Hard to Grasp, John Hammer of the Rhino Times lists city employee salaries but the Mayor and City Council are nowhere to be found. Well if you don't know how much it is then it must be hard to grasp.

Maybe the Mayor's salary is a secret? As you continue to read what I have found you might think you know why Mayor Vaughan's salary is a secret.

According to this June 2, 2016 report from News2 the current salary of Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan is $28,862. Up from $17, 715.

Anyone remember when Zack Matheny voted against the incentive package he proposed to Council? Keep that in mind always. Especially when reading politicians' objections to raising their own pay.

According to we are currently paying our Mayor $41,490 a year plus $2,485 in bonuses.

According to the Triad Business Journal, Mayor Vaughan ranks 55th among 60 US cities with the last 8 all below $40,000.

According to Fox8, "Mr Conservative" "Tony Wilkins was one of the original council members who brought up the discussion of a potential pay increase." Don't take my word for it, click on the link and read it on the Fox8 website.

It really annoys me that people who are too stupid to click on links continue to accuse me of lying. Why is it only stupid people and crooks accuse me of lying when the evidence is always right there in front of them?

According to a website called our mayor earns $69,628 per year. See, I'm not making this stuff up.

According to News2, our "only Conservative" "Councilman Tony Wilkins approved it..."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I don't know where any of these publishers get their figures from but I do find it interesting that none of them agree. Then there's this.

Yesterday, John Hammer of the Rhino Times writes in Audacious Council Wants Health Care for Life

"Last year the Greensboro City Council gave itself a 60 percent raise. The average city worker got a 3 percent raise. So the City Council gave itself a raise 20 times greater than it gave city employees. ...

Evidently that was not enough and, at the June 20 City Council meeting, the City Council voted to petition the state legislature for a special law to allow councilmembers to stay on the city health insurance policy after they are out of office. In some cases the former councilmember would have to pay for their own insurance, but with enough years under their belt, the taxpayers would foot the bill for their health insurance until the councilmember qualified for Medicare, and then the city would foot the bill for supplemental insurance as it does for other employees.

You either have to laugh or cry at the audacity of the City Council. The current City Council meets less than past City Councils. It also does far less. There was a time, when the City Council was involved in the budget process, that two-day meetings were held to go over City Council priorities and the direction they wanted the city to take, and even mundane items like fund balances, tax rates and bond expenditures were discussed."

You'd do well to read it all and ask yourself, are the higher figures those websites Billy discovered figuring in the total wage and benefit package that is being given to our Mayor and City Council? And if yes then why has no one ever told us about it before?

Then ask, do we really want to pay them that for the rest of their lives while Greensboro's working classes still suffer the highest poverty rates in the history of our city?

Funny how they can always find money for themselves but nothing for the poor.