Thursday, July 20, 2017

How Much Is Jill R Wilson Of Brooks Pierce Law Being Paid BY GCS?

Earlier today, after I wrote The Real Reason Guilford County Schools Is Adding A Charge For Public Information Requests, I posted a link to Facebook along with the question:

"What are they hiding?"

As you can see by the screengrab below it didn't take long before Guilford County School Board Member, Anita Wilson Sharpe took it on her own to offer explain what was going on.

With no more prodding on my part she took it on her own to tell me the following:

Well apparently Ms Sharpe hasn't been around the block as many times as she'd like us to think as I already had my follow-up question ready before she answered:

Is it rude to ask follow-up questions? Why did Ms Sharpe never reply to my second question?

Then just as I expected her to do, Anita Sharpe deleted her comments from my Facebook post.

How much is Jill R Wilson of Brooks Pierce Law being paid by Guilford County Schools, why did Board Member Anita Sharpe delete her reply, and what are the Guilford County Schools hiding?

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