Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Marc Ridgill Confirms GPD Corruption

Yesterday Roch Smith jr posted Police Chief negligent; City Council complicit, a scathing accusation accompanied by lots of evidence to show corruption on the part of the Greensboro City Council and the Greensboro Police Department.

"Yesterday, I sent an email to the acquaintance saying that I found the Greensboro Police Department’s actions on the “fish game” gambling parlors to fall into that realm—that the GPD’s decision to declare these games illegal, observe that they are magnets for crime and, yet, give the owners 30 days to shut down was a kind of negligence that was putting the interests of admittedly illegal business owners ahead of the safety of the public who visit these places; and exposing the city to financial liability."

Roch continues:

"90 minutes after writing that, GPD issued a press release announcing that someone was shot at one of these places, during an armed robbery of King of the Skill Fish Business at 1510 Woodmere Dr, in a residential neighborhood. Thankfully, the as-yet unnamed victim was described as suffering from non-life threatening injuries."

So when I posted a link to Roch's article to the Facebook forum EzGreensboro Posts Only, Retired Greensboro Police Officer Marc Ridgill made the following reply:

"Admittedly I am not as knowledgable on "fish games" but there are plenty of other gambling establishments masquerading as restaurants and taverns in this town that are frequented by movers and shakers. Let us see if they get called out?"

And as usual I took a screen grab:

Here we have it, folks, a respected and retired Greensboro Police Officer calling the management of GPD corrupt and accusing GPD of allowing illegal gambling establishments to operate right under their noses.

So will these other establishments get called out? Or will Greensboro continue to rot from the top down?