Friday, July 14, 2017

Sal Leone Responds To John Hammer

I am running in District 5 City Council race and like always the Rhino Times trashes me. I ask that people pray for this man. I ask why is John so worried about me or is it a bigger story, Well lets look at it as an investigation. The Rhino Times is a free paper because who in their right mind would pay for it. The Rhino Times makes money off advertisement, very simple concept.

The next question is who advertises with them, Tony Wilkins being one, he running in District 5, I don't advertise with them so kicking me is in their best interest. The Greensboro Coliseum does business with them, guess who manages the coliseum or at least has control, City Council, the dots are connecting now. I think you might ask who else in the past might have advertised, Marty Kotis, who is Marty Kotis, only Tony Wilkins biggest sugar daddy and that's no secret.

The biggest fear is that I have no price tag because money is not important to me, doing right is, but people are blind to facts. The first thing I like to do is start an ethics bill in council that no one or company connected to a donor can give to a local council elections. I will be fair and say anyone or company doing 10,000 or more with the city can not give directly or indirectly. I really hope people are not blind to think that council can stay fair when they get money from these people, do you really think money is given without a string.

I will give more of my plans in the future but this is my start as I want to respond to John Hammer and his paper who from what I hear inflates his paper numbers, because I don't see many people reading it, my cat's love the paper in the litter box and that's why I use it.