Friday, July 14, 2017

The Greensboro Development City Leaders Don't Want You To Know About

In the past I've written extensively about ways the never before used 500 acres at the White Street Landfill might be used for the economic development of Northeast Greensboro only to be ignored by Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and the rest of the Greensboro City Council.

Today I will tell you why.

I begin with a picture of the northeast side of the landfill taken from Google maps.

By clicking on the photo you can clearly see it is just a big empty field.

Now check out the same property as seen on the Guilford County GIS system.

Those yellow lines are lots and streets the City of Greensboro is planning to build-- lots that are behind the fences at the White Street Landfill on streets with names like Huff Street and Lakehurst Avenue, Highgrove Ave and other streets that don't yet exist inside the fences of the White Street Landfill.

And Lakehurst is actually the paved walking trail that goes around the east end of the landfill.

Who do these properties belong to?

Not to the City of Greensboro per say. They've already been handed over to the City of Greensboro Property Management Division whose job is to find buyers for these properties-- usually at less than market value.

One property, 1343 R1 Rankin Mill Road,  measuring 101 acres and bearing the legal description, "White Street Landfill" is the property of Guilford County and deeded the Guilford County Landfill.

There properties could be going to all sorts of great uses but here in Greensboro we'd rather give the taxpayers' property to developers than use it for real economic development.