Saturday, September 9, 2017

They Knew Billy Jones Was Right In 1892

I have been ranting to the deaf ears of the Greensboro City Council for almost a decade that developer driven economic development was destined to failure. Well folks, time and history has proven mt right once again. From the 1892 City of Greensboro City Directory:

Greensboro Mayor J R Mendenhall and the City Council he presided over in 1892 knew the truth and it remains true today, but our current City Council-- all 9 of them-- seem to have no qualms with continuing to throw money at a long failed strategy of developer driven economic development that brings only the lowest wage jobs at best and few of them.

Read my Write-in platform for Mayor of Greensboro in 2017 and see how I will work to change that not with rhetoric but with ideas, hard work, and vision for all.