Monday, December 25, 2017

Looks like The Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts is going to cost a lot more than the reported $89.7 million

"Greensboro council picks contractor for Tanger center, cost projected at $84.7 million

...the total projected cost has increased by $6.6 million — from $78.1 million to $84.7 million

Add in $5 million in bond-related financing costs and the total rises to $89.7 million."

Dawn Cane

$42.879 + $41.826 =$84.705 million

Plus $5 million = $89.705 million
"The 111,000-square-foot structure of limestone and glass will replace the coliseum complex’s now-razed War Memorial Auditorium."

Dawn Cane

How much did it cost to take out War Memorial Auditorium?

"Demolition cost for War Memorial Auditorium has been estimated at $362,000...


Public Information Desk
City of Greensboro"

And then the cost of the land

"[STPAC] could be done for about $36 million, according to city estimates.

Council members prefer the downtown option, but that would cost more, primarily because of the need to purchase land."

Allen Johnson and Doug Clark

The 12/19/2017 Memorandum doesn't say anything about the land costs;

News & Record Letter to the Editor; David Hagan’s commissions don’t serve taxpayers

"On Sept. 3, and again on Sept. 17, Robbie Perkins and Nancy Vaughan knowingly voted to give fellow Greensboro Country Club member David Hagan, who serves on the Community Foundation’s board, about $586,000 in commissions for purchasing performing arts center properties.

The city of Greensboro has four real-estate brokers who could have purchased the properties for no more than their salaries.

I believe Perkins, Vaughan and the Community Foundation’s Walker Sanders, who was involved in the negotiations, did not act in the best interests of Greensboro’s taxpayers concerning these real-estate transactions.

I call for David Hagan, who is U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s brother-in-law, to forfeit his commissions."

George Hartzman

Newly installed Greensboro City Council Member Tammi Thurm, 
who used to work for Randall Kaplan and now works for David Hagan's brother
voted for both Randall's parking deck and the STPAC financing, 
which doesn't look like it includes the cost of the real estate;

Looks like Hagan Properties stands to profit from the GPAC while David Hagan sits on CFGG's board of directors with Walker Sanders

Robbie Perkins, Nancy Vaughan, Zack Matheny, Jim Kee, Yvonne Johnson and Nancy Hoffmann just cost taxpayers $586,000

The City of Greensboro's GPAC operating loss pro forma that doesn't include debt service

On GPAC; If AMS projected 149 events, why is the City of Greensboro saying 180 with 100% sold premium parking at every show?

Kathy Manning, Randall Kaplan's wife, lobbying for a GPAC and their new hotel

On GPAC and the Community Foundation
And then there is former Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins' campaign manager Ross Harris' compensation for being the project manager;

Notice Kathy Manning, Randall's wife, was set up to market the project for personal gain, along with George House, one of Randall's partners who just took City taxpayers for $30 million;

While both Randall and Roy 'served' on the Economic Task Force;

City Council minutes, February 7, 2012