Sunday, June 10, 2018

City of Greensboro Public Records Request; "Matt Brown's 10/24/2017 email to Kathy Manning and Walker Sanders"

The math in Matt Brown's email and what was presented to the public on STPAC is the same

An interesting conversation between former NC District Congressional Candidate A.W. Coker, Wayne Abraham and Hartzman on Matt Brown, Nancy Vaughan and friend's fraud against Greensboro's taxpayers

Nancy Vaughan at 6:12

Jim Westmoreland at 13:20

Matt Brown at 15:24

Safe save STPAC fraud

How to mislead a community on $23,108,494.98 Publicly Funded TPAC costs, by Greensboro's City Council, Staff and the 'Private Donors' who knew and said nothing

Proof of Control Fraud by Kathy Manning, City of Greensboro's Matt Brown, CFGG's Walker Sanders and everyone else who knew and didn't say anything, especially the elected officials who voted for it

Some of who enabled and/or committed fraud against Greensboro taxpayers and the investors who purchased STPAC bonds; Greensboro, NC's $44.165 million LOBs, Series 2018, and some records requests

From the City's resolution;

Year 2 paid admissions utilized in the LGC application = 239,450

Year 2 estimated use of parking deck = 119,725 patrons, or 50% of paid admissions.

119,725 paid admissions using City owned parking decks  / 3 persons per vehicle = 39,908

39,908 vehicles parking in decks at $5 a piece = $199,540, the year two total above less $2

39,908 vehicles per year in parking decks  x 2, which includes all the others  = 79,816 total vehicles per year

79,816 total vehicles per year / 142 events per year = 562 vehicles per show

562 vehicles per show - 330 VIP spaces sold out per show = 232 other cars per show

If all 232 other cars per show park in City owned parking decks @ $5 each = $1,160 per show

$1,160 per show from City owned deck parking x 142 shows per year = $164,720 per year, if all the cars not paying $20 a piece for a VIP spot park in City owned parking decks, which is unlikely

The City told the LGC it would make $199,542 from City owned deck parking per year and selling out all 142 shows for VIP parking, even though 31 shows aren't going to charge for entry into the Center.

$199,542 - $164,720 = $34,822 short per year, even if all the cars expected to park in City owned parking decks do, instead of the reserved spaces at Randall's hotel, the Marriott or anywhere else.

From the Local Government Board Application;

"Premium parking assumes 330 spaces at $20 per space"

142 events x $20 per space x 330 spaces = $937,200 per year

$1,137,000 in total parking fees less $199,542 in City owned parking deck fees = $937,458

$937,200 + $199,542 = $1,136,742, which if rounded up to the nearest thousand = $1,137,000

The City of Greensboro told the LGC they are going to charge $5 for parking and $20 for 330 VIP parking, for every show in year 2, including shows not charging admission, accounting for each and every expected car, whether or not the patrons live within walking distance, are staying at a local hotel, park in one of 488 free parking spots within 1,200 feet of the venue, park in one of the many privately owned lots within the immediate vicinity, or are dropped off by a cab, Lyft, Uber, friends or parents.

The City of Greensboro committed fraud upon North Carolina's Local Government Commission, and the investors in the debt.