Friday, July 6, 2018

Peeler Center Park

It is absolutely amazing the secrets you can stumble across while using the Internet for completely unrelated things. For example, while posting an ad to Craigslist I was shown a map that showed Peeler Center Park extending from Phillips Ave along Sykes Ave and Elwell Ave all the way to Woodale Lane.

That's 2 blocks farther south than the park extends now. And it will require a property belonging to one of my brothers and several lifelong friends who I am certain have never heard a word about this project.

This is also directly in the path of Greensboro's recent tornado with several of the homes there having not yet been repaired.

As you can see on the Google Map the current view is very different with Lacy Ave not connecting to Easton Road as it does in the first screen grab.

Now don't you wonder where map makers like Open Street Map get their information from?

And how would Open Street Map, a UK based organization, know of such a project when no one living in the effected area has yet to learn about it.