Friday, January 25, 2019

Trump And The Merchant Bankers

As a teenager in the 1970s I first read a book by Joseph Wechsberg titled The Merchant Bankers. 
First published in 1966, Mr Wechsberg contended that every war in recorded history had been financed by a handful of wealthy families of which his family was one of them. Among the names he mentioned were Rothschilds, Lehman Brothers, the Warburgs, Barings, Deutsche Bank, and numerous others that are often mentioned today when "conspiracy theorists" speak of plots of One World Government.

Wechsberg even claimed the Vietnam War was being financed on both sides by the Rothchilds. In 1966.

Even the Rothchilds themselves cite the work of Joseph Wechsberg in the Rothchild Archive.

"In  1966  Joseph  Wechsberg,  descendant  of  a central  European  family  of  Jewish businessmen,wrote  a  book  called The  Merchant  Bankers and devoted the last chapter to the Rothschilds.  One passage is relevant to our concerns:"
Apparently he got their attentions.

So a couple of days ago when I heard that our current Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, was unaware that people who were currently unemployed were not eligible for bank loans it puzzled me just enough to research Mr Ross online and here is what I found on Wikipedia

 So what does this prove? Nothing except a possible connection between Trump and the Rothchilds via Wilbur Ross. You know, if you do believe in that whole Rothchilds One World Government thing.