Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The GHA Bedbug Cover-up

It was the following comment from a Facebook post that prompted me to post yesterday's article, When The Bedbugs Bite: Bite Back after 6:00 PM last night:

"They just forced a 93 year old woman to sign a repayment fee. Her neighbor passed away one month ago. Several weeks later they cleaned out the empty apartment (without pest control) . Now bedbugs have invaded the apartment next door the elders have to pay for it."

This morning I was blocked from Facebook for 3 days and given no means of appeal even though I wrote no profanity, nothing threatening, racist, no hate speech... I simply repeated what I was told by a reliable witness and backed it up with the assurance that I have seen the complaint against the Greensboro Housing Authority and Gateway Plaza Llc.

Now with your help I'm going to make them wish they had never attempted to silence me.

You see, for starters my story has already been shared by almost a dozen others. And to add insult to their injury, last night I searched the NC Secretary of State website for the entity, Gateway Plaza, Llc and discovered that no such entity exists here in North Carolina. Once again, the City of Greensboro is helping to funnel your tax dollars to non entities who don't pay taxes. I urge all who read this to search for yourselves then contact the Secretary of State.

I urge you to contact the News & Record, The Rhino Times, News 2, and Fox8.

And please make this story about the elderly and disabled people getting kicked out of their homes in Downtown Greensboro . Make it about tax fraud and not about Billy Jones.