Saturday, August 24, 2019

John Hammer Questions His Boss?

John Hammer raises suspicion about City Council, the February One-Westin Hotel parking deck, and his boss, Roy Carroll, builder of the $33 million Dollar taxpayer funded Eugene Street parking deck in his article, Council Action Raises Questions About Feb. One Parking Deck:

"Sleight of hand might best describe what happened to make the financial arrangements for the February One-Westin Hotel parking deck disappear from the resolution passed by the Greensboro City Council at the meeting Tuesday, Aug. 20."

For those who might not be up to speed, the City is paying Roy Carroll to build the Eugene Street parking deck so that Mr Carroll will have plenty of parking for his new multi-use complex he intends to build on top of the parking deck. John left that part out. John goes on to write:

"But there was no explanation as to why the resolution was changed, and when the agenda item was read by Mayor Nancy Vaughan, she didn’t note that the resolution had been changed from the one provided to the public or that the February One parking deck had been dropped from the resolution."

But the following statement by Mr Hammer might infer favoritism on the part of City Council.

"The fact that the financing for the Eugene Street parking deck was kept in the resolution and approved by the City Council seems backwards because the February One parking deck is much further along than the Eugene Street parking deck. The land for the February One deck was purchased in 2017, and all the easement issues were cleared up by August 2018, while the land for the Eugene Street parking deck was purchased a few weeks ago.
Before the meeting, when City Manager David Parrish was asked when he expected to sign the contract to build the February One parking deck, he said by the end of the month.

That answer seems to indicate that the city and the developer are close to reaching an agreement, except that Parrish has been making similar statements for months."

Or it could mean that the City of Greensboro is working to cover up several years of forged feasibility studies, bribes, misappropriation of funds, and other crimes committed. You decide.

Question: Because my memory isn't what it once was, who did the feasibility studies for the February One-Westin Hotel, aka the Wyndham Hotel, the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, the Downtown Greenway, and the South Elm Street Redevelopment Plan? I think you'll find the answers very enlightening.