Saturday, September 14, 2019

Adams Towing Accused Of Damaging Customer Cars And Driving Away

I admit I was wary when I read the following about Adams Towing coming from someone who commented on my previous post  Has Your Car Been Illegally Towed?

 "I had Adams Towing through AAA come to tow my car they failed to tighten the cable before they put it in neutral and the car rolled down and crashed in the bottom of the ditch the tow truck driver called the owner of the company and came back and just got in the truck and drove away and they denied ever doing anything. The better Business bureau has an F rating for them with several letters where they had done the same thing that is damage the car and then just drove away. I complain to the Better Business Bureau and the owner and AAA and got zero response. They did about $250 worth of damage to my car and denied everything be wary of Adams Towing."

Not that it couldn't happen. Tow truck drivers make mistakes like everyone else. And while there is no proof this is true we can check the BBB website and see what others are saying about Adams Towing.

A D Rating and 8 complaints currently on the BBB website all referring to damage to customer vehicles.

And yes, every towing company has damaged some customer's car at one time or another. The job is simply too difficult not to. But you pay for what you break. Where I worked we drivers paid the small claims out of our pockets and what we couldn't afford to pay was covered by insurance. Fortunately I never had a claim so big I couldn't afford to pay out of pocket.

Again, I don't know what is and isn't true but numerous Greensboro towing companies have been in business far longer and have zero complaints listed with the BBB.