Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Cover Up After Cover Up And Hinson Comes Up Again

Remember the years and years of claims that Greensboro Police Officer, now Deputy Chief James Hinson was operating a brothel in a women's half way house he operated in east Greensboro?

Remember the series in the Rhino Times, Cops In Black And White, in which journalist and best selling author Jerry Bledsoe wrote that Hinson was running a drug dealing operation here in Greensboro?

Remember when our City Council voted to hide Hinson's work record from the incoming chief of police so that the new chief would have no legitimate reason not to promote Hinson to Deputy Chief thereby making him next in line for the top cop position?

Remember when Hinson's wife was convicted of fraud and embezzlement of government funds? Or something to that effect.

Remember when Hinson covered-up for then Councilman Jamal Fox?

And many more...

Some say where there is smoke there is fire. Well today we have more smoke. In an article entitled, Group home owned by GPD deputy chief faces allegations of child sexual abuse, possible cover-up, Sayaka Matsuoka of Triad City Beat writes:

"Allegations of sexual abuse at a group home co-owned and run by Greensboro police Deputy Chief James Hinson calls into question whether there was a cover-up of the incident at a time when Hinson is potentially in the running for the department’s top position.

A recent report by the state Division of Health Service Regulation uncovered allegations of sexual abuse against at least one minor at Center of Progressive Strides, a group home co-owned and run by Greensboro police Deputy Chief James Hinson."

Why is it that Hinson comes up again and again in cover-up after cover-up?

Now perhaps Hinson didn't know about the sexual abuse but as the story points out there are things here he should have known about:

"The report, dated July 31, goes into vivid detail about allegations of sexual abuse by a former staff member at the group home, which serves youth and adolescents under 21 years of age with mental-health issues. The report lists eight counts of deficiencies on the part of the organization, including failure to complete and submit an internal investigation into the alleged acts, failure to have an adequate number of employees during each shift, and failure to report the incidents to law enforcement or the county department of social services as required by law. The report also includes contradictory accounts between the agency and the victim’s mother regarding a signed statement that the victim’s mother said was falsified by agency staff."

Of course, it must be really hard to be deputy chief of a police department and operate several businesses at the same time. Most folks I know wouldn't dream of taking on such challenges as doing so is certain to have horrible consequences. But then most people I know seem to have better judgement than the Deputy Chief of the Greensboro Police Department.

At the very least, Deputy Chief Hinson has a long and storied history of using his position as a police officer to enrich himself. That in itself is against the law.

It is long past time Deputy Chief Hinson was relieved of duty and deprived of his retirement.