Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Smith Richardson Foundation Funds Climate Change Denial Propaganda

As discovered in an article entitled Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement in the Smithsonian, , Greensboro's very own Smith Richardson Foundation has spent $13.5 Million Dollars to promote anti-climate change propaganda.

This is how the money produced by the workers of the Vick Chemical Company, now a part of  Procter & Gamble, being spent, to protect the interest of the few while the many suffer, unlike the legacy left behind by H. Smith Richardson and his wife Grace Jones Richardson.

" I believe the need for the time and thought of able men is that they be applied to the increasingly weighty problems of government and the serious social questions which now confront us and will continue to press for solution in the future…the greater the material wealth of the citizen the greater are his obligations to the State and Nation…the obligations to give his time and thought to these public and social problems." -H. Smith Richardson

These are the people who pull the strings in Greensboro and beyond. They live in the shadows hiding behind the legacies of great men like H. Smith Richardson spending fortunes on political outcomes while our veterans and children live on Greensboro's streets.

And they claim to be working for the good of humanity. Even if climate change isn't real that $13.5 Million could be doing lots of better things.